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"DOLCE VITA" - Especially created with layers of acrylic paint, cool blues and other complementary colours to bring relaxing vibes to a home. Part of the Fresh collection.


This series emerged when I found myself craving change in the world and also within myself. This craving started to show in my creative practice as I found myself working with different and lighter colours than usual. Little did I know, I was creating what would be my biggest collection yet… It was only after reading an inspiring poem ‘what if 2020 isn’t cancelled?’ (by Leslie Dwight) that I decided it was time for a new collection to mark this time, to share a little more beauty with the world and to show my optimism for whatever the future holds with my use of light and uplifting colours throughout.


12x16” on deep edge canvas. Signed, finished with varnish, ready to hang. Certificate of Authenticity included.


Price includes postage and packaging. 


Thank you for supporting my work, it's such an honour to make and send Art to loving homes around the world.

DOLCE VITA - 12"x16"

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