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"BELIEF" - Especially created with layers of acrylic paint and a whole lot of love, with the aim of bringing emotions of joy and passion to a home. 


This painting is part of the ‘Express Yourself’ collection which emerged after I found myself battling with a painting and getting caught up with perfection and realism. As someone who aims to paint seascapes full of emotion and passion (not perfectionism!), I knew I needed to loosen up a little. That’s when I started to paint abstractly which helped me do exactly that, and then, when I was ready to return to seascapes, I was able to bring more intuition back into my practice and I was also ready to be a little more brave, whether through looser brush strokes and / or colour combos I hadn’t played with before. May these paintings be a reminder to stay true to ourselves and to express ourselves in ways that are aligned with us, our values and our vision.


8x8”, 20cm diameter, on stretched canvas, ready to hang.


Signed, finished with varnish and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Thank you for supporting my work, it's such an honour to make and send Art to loving homes around the world.

BELIEF - 20cm diameter

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